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from TMZ.com There's a special piece of Beatles memorabilia up for sale ... handwritten lyrics to a classic song from the 'White Album' scribbled by George Harrison and Ringo Starr!!! The lyrics to George's signature song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" are penned on the back of a studio recording sheet, and it's going up for [...]

Huey Lewis & The News are Back!

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I know this is a predominantly Beatles site, but I must admit, as a music lover, I have always had an affinity for Huey Lewis & The News (among others). I just heard they are to release a new album in February 2020-their first since 2001. So...I feel I have to share the GOOD "News" with [...]

Rod Stewart unveils model railway set … 26 years in the making

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from The National-Scotland The rock singer's model layout, called Grand Street and Three Rivers City, is based on an American city in the 1940s and spans 1500 square ft. The sprawling depiction of a post-war, heavily industrialised city was inspired by his love of American railroads, and includes skyscrapers – some of which are 5ft tall – bridges, [...]

Geoff Emerick, Beatles Chief Recording Engineer, Dies at 72

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from Variety by Steve Marinucci Geoff Emerick, the Beatles chief recording engineer who worked on some of the band’s most seminal albums, has died according to his manager David Maida and posts on social media. He was believed to be 72 and had suffered a heart attack. Emerick began working at Abbey Road at just 15 [...]

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At 50, “Hey Jude” Still Makes Everything “Better, Better, Better”

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The Beatles’ biggest single hit skyrocketed on the charts in August of 1968 By Alice George smithsonian.com August 15, 2018 Decades after Beatlemania rocked the world, Paul McCartney launches into the band’s biggest single ever—“Hey Jude.” Captivated, the 21st-century crowd sways, arms waving and hands clapping to the beat. Fans hold iPhones high over their heads [...]

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Paul McCartney Crosses Abbey Road 49 Years After Iconic Album Cover Shoot Ahead of Intimate Gig

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The star played a set of Beatles deep cuts and classics for an invited audience Paul McCartney crossed the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing almost 49 years to the day since The Beatles’ iconic album cover was shot there. The cover for ‘Abbey Road’ was shot on August 8, 1969, by photographer Iain MacMillan. It featured [...]