Robert Freeman Dies: Photographer For Iconic Beatles Albums, Film Director Was 82

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from Robert Freeman, the photographer whose iconic photos and album covers of The Beatles had a major cultural impact, has died. No cause of death was given, but he had been ill for some time. His death was confirmed by official The Beatles’ Twitter page. Freeman began his career as a photo journalist at the British newspaper The Sunday [...]

New study claims Paul McCartney “misremembers” writing The Beatles song ‘In My Life’

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The analysis from two North American academics claims that it was the late John Lennon who actually penned the music for the 'Rubber Soul' track A new academic study has claimed that Sir Paul McCartney “misremembers” writing The Beatles‘ song ‘In My Life’, with the analysis concluding that it was actually the work of John Lennon. [...]

Brian Wilson on the Influence of the Beatles and Rolling Stones

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Brian Wilson releases his long-awaited memoir, I Am Brian Wilson. In this excerpt, he discusses the influence of two of the Beach Boys’ only true rivals in the ’60s: the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. And also, how bandmate/rival Mike Love helped him to finish “Good Vibrations.”  The one that really got me was Rubber Soul, which came [...]

The Beatles: 10 Best Songs of All Time

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by Jeff Rindskopf | How does one narrow the entire Beatles catalog down to just 10 essential songs? In truth, you can’t. This isn’t just any band — this is the band that brought British music to the rest of the world and forever changed the face of pop music by proving it could be infectious and intelligent at the [...]

The Beatles: Ranking Their Albums From Worst to Best

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The Beatles are commonly considered to be the most important musical group of the 20th century, but even regardless of their historical significance, their original output is endlessly listenable. Within a span of only eight years in the 1960s, the Fab Four released a string of 11 studio LPs — more if you count the soundtrack and score for their animated [...]

Game-Changing ‘Paperback Writer’ Presaged ‘Revolver’

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By Colin Fleming | Rolling Stone magazine | In the annals of Beatles singles, we have what we might think of as a game-starter in "Please Please Me," a game-ender in something like "Let It Be," and a host of game-changers, the most important of which is rarely discussed as one of the band's top efforts. And yet, "Paperback Writer," [...]