The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper at 50: A track by track analysis

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It was the first rock album with printed lyrics, the first with a fold-out cover, the first to win a "Best Album" Grammy. It may be the most influential record in pop history, and the best-loved. It changed the direction of The Beatles, and rock-and-roll, forever. It's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," released 50 years [...]

These Never-Before-Seen Photos of The Beatles Will Make You Love Them Even More

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DAVID MAGNUS by ADAM RATHE MAY 2, 2017 On June 25, 1967, performers representing 19 countries from around the world appeared on Our World, the first international television production broadcast by satellite. An estimated 400 million viewers watched the two-and-a-half hour program, which featured talent including Pablo Picasso and Maria Callas and was closed out by [...]

Giles Martin Defends New Stereo Sgt. Pepper

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FROM: MOJO MAGAZINE, written by DANNY ECCLESTON -- APRIL 27, 2017 // Inside the Beatles’ studio magic and how even history’s most famous album has been improved by Giles Martin, The Son Of the Fifth Beatle: George. SINCE THE EARLY ’90s, when he was brought in to help out on the production of The Beatles’ Anthology [...]

‘Fifth Beatle’ Sir George Martin Cut Eldest Son Out of £1m in his Will

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The Beatles' legendary producer Sir George Martin has reportedly left his family an estate worth over £1m but is alleged to have cut his eldest son out of the will due to a long-running fued. Martin, dubbed The Fifth Beatle, died at his home in Coleshill, Swindon, on 8 March 2016 at the age of 90. According to [...]

Beatles-A-Rama!!! Well Represented at Love Anniversary!

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Beatlesarama staff reports | Our own Gillian Lomax was on the red carpet last night in Las Vegas when Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr (among other celebs) arrived for the 10th Anniversary of "Love" at the Mirage Hotel. It was a star studded event and Gillian got to rub elbows with quite a few of them. [...]

Beatles Guitar Gently Weeps While Video Screens

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Beatlesarama sources | A lushly pared-down acoustic version of The Beatles’ classic ode to the six string, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” premiered as a music video on Vevo under a limited partnership between Apple Corps and Cirque du Soleil. The version comes from an early take on the song, with the original lyrics, sung plaintively [...]