These Shocking True Stories Prove John Lennon Was Actually a Terrible Person

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Amanda Harding April 01, 2018 The enduring image of John Lennon depicts the ultimate peace-loving hippie — a man who could only “imagine” a perfect future without possessions, greed, hunger, and war. The world remembers him as a musical genius who loved deeply, expressed himself fully, and was eventually martyred for his ideas. But as with [...]

Why John Lennon’s Fans Say “You’re just a ghoul, Yoko”

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By Alison Boshoff for the Daily Mail | Yoko Ono rises early, often at dawn, and pads through the enormous apartment on the sixth floor of the Dakota Building that she used to share with John Lennon. She heads down the white-painted corridors, which are hung with Magrittes and Warhols, and past the white piano on which [...]

Paul McCartney Reveals What Really Split Up the Beatles

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Paul McCartney is now opening up about the tough times after the Beatles split in 1970. In fact, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer said he didn't even know what to do next. "I was depressed. You would be. You were breaking from your lifelong friends," he told BBC Radio 4's Mastertapes. McCartney also addressed the reason for the split, [...]