Bombshell Beatles Tape Proves John Lennon Wanted To Keep The Band Together

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By Andrew Magnotta   A tape of one of The Beatles' final meetings, recorded weeks before Abbey Road was released, is shedding new light on tensions within the band and providing a fascinating revelation about how and when The Beatles actually decided to go their separate ways. Conventional wisdom in Beatledom has long said that the band members agreed [...]

Thousands of Beatles fans descend on ‘Abbey Road’ to mark 50 years since the iconic photoshoot

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Will RichardsAug 8, 2019 1:14 pm BST Half a century and the famous crossing is still stopping traffic Today (August 8) marks 50 years since The Beatles‘ iconic ‘Abbey Road’ photoshoot. To mark the occasion, this morning thousands of fans descended on the famous studios and zebra crossing from the album’s cover to celebrate the landmark [...]

It Was 50 Years Ago Today!

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by Beatles-A-Rama!!! Yes, it was 50 years ago today The Beatles played their last concert. January 30, 1969, the Lads went up to the roof of Abbey Road Studios and played an historic 19 plus minutes of songs included in the Let It Be film. Today on we re-live that FAB lunchtime event! Tune in [...]

Paul McCartney Crosses Abbey Road 49 Years After Iconic Album Cover Shoot Ahead of Intimate Gig

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The star played a set of Beatles deep cuts and classics for an invited audience Paul McCartney crossed the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing almost 49 years to the day since The Beatles’ iconic album cover was shot there. The cover for ‘Abbey Road’ was shot on August 8, 1969, by photographer Iain MacMillan. It featured [...]

These Never-Before-Seen Photos of The Beatles Will Make You Love Them Even More

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DAVID MAGNUS by ADAM RATHE MAY 2, 2017 On June 25, 1967, performers representing 19 countries from around the world appeared on Our World, the first international television production broadcast by satellite. An estimated 400 million viewers watched the two-and-a-half hour program, which featured talent including Pablo Picasso and Maria Callas and was closed out by [...]

The Beatles: 10 Best Songs of All Time

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by Jeff Rindskopf | How does one narrow the entire Beatles catalog down to just 10 essential songs? In truth, you can’t. This isn’t just any band — this is the band that brought British music to the rest of the world and forever changed the face of pop music by proving it could be infectious and intelligent at the [...]