Story from | Ringo Starr would be thrilled to perform with fellow former Beatle Paul McCartney again.

“I would tour with Paul McCartney tomorrow!” Starr told Closer Weekly. “I’m doing my own tours right now so we’d have to work it out.”

Starr and McCartney are a long way from their Beatles days. The drummer recently turned 76.

“It would be nice to be 70 again!” he told the mag of his birthday. “But you get up in the morning and you try to have the best day you can. And be in the best spirit that you can be!”

Starr has fond memories of his time as part of the Fab Four. He told FOX411earlier this month that he can vividly recall the moment the band first came to United States.

“Coming to America, was a most incredible moment in my life,” he said. “We landed in New York. All the music I loved came from America, and we were weeks before like unknown, and we were worried. ‘Well they don’t know us there. They knew us in Denmark. They knew us in England. They knew us in Spain.’”