The Beatles singing "'Til There Was You" from Decca Audition in 1962.

A unique 10-inch 78 RPM disc by the Beatles of two songs from the Fab Four’s failed Decca audition that was given to Sir George Martin in a quest to get them an EMI record contract is being predicted to sell for over £10,000 ($13,867 USD, 12,687 Euros) when it comes up for sale next month, Omega Auctions announced Feb. 26. The record, featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and then-drummer Pete Best, will be sold on March 22 with other Fab Four memorabilia during “The Beatles Auction” at the auction house’s London office. The auction house says it will be adding more Fab Four items to the sale through March 4.

This Beatles acetate is being sold by Omega Auctions next month.

Omega Auctions

The Decca audition took place Jan. 1, 1962. The disc was pressed at the HMV Record Store on Oxford Street in London and then presented to Sir George Martin by Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who was trying to persuade Martin to sign them. Printed on both sides of the disc are the words “Personal Recording Department” with the address of 363 Oxford Street, London. According to Mark Lewisohn’s book, “The Beatles: All These Years – Volume 1, Tune In,” the handwriting on the disc was done by Epstein.

“With limited space, and constantly keen to demonstrate the Beatles had more than one singer, he wrote that ‘Hullo Little Girl’ [sic] was John Lennon & The Beatles – adding to the songwriting credit Lennon, McCartney – and that ”Til There Was You’ [sic] was Paul McCartney & The Beatles. Brian’s recollection two years later was ‘George liked ‘Hello Little Girl,’ ‘Till There Was You.’ Liked George on guitar. Thought Paul was the one for discs’.”

But Lewisohn wrote the recording of “’Til There Was You” was not the Beatles at their best. “This was the number where John said Paul ‘sounded like a woman’ and Pete’s timing was all over the place –go to for the rest of the story!