On Friday, May 29, The Quarrymen, the group John Lennon was a member of when he met Paul McCartney, returned to St Peter’s Church in Woolton, the site of the historic meeting, for a celebration concert, according to Donna Jackson, Beatles Examiner Liverpool correspondent on May 30. Rod Davis, Len Garry and Colin Hanton, who were all performing with Lennon on July 6, 1957 when he and McCartney met in the church hall, rocked the hall once again to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

The Quarrymen on May 29 performed again in historic St. Peter's Church Hall where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met.

Donna Jackson – used by permission.

They were joined by John Duff Lowe, who along with Colin Hanton, performed on the Quarrymen’s first record “In Spite of All the Danger,” which was released on The Beatles’ “Anthology Volume 1.”

“There was a special treat when the original tea chest bass player Bill Smith joined the other four for a couple of songs,” Jackson said. “Len had taken over from Bill as ‘bass’ player by the time of the St Peter’s Church Fete in 1957, but it was fabulous to see some of the original Quarrymen reunited.” (You can see pictures from this show in the slide show.)

As always, members of the audience, among them Beatlefan’s Rick Glover, were invited to play with the Quarrymen on tea chest bass or washboard, and,   click HERE to get the rest of the story!