The San Jose Mercury News reported Dec. 18 that the thought of Paul McCartney doing a show to close the site of the Beatles‘ final concert aSan Francisco’s Candlestick Parkwhich has been rumored since August, may be a little closer to reality.

In an article by Daniel Brown, two San Francisco city officials say it’s definitely being discussed. “Keep your fingers crossed. It’s a possibility,” the paper quoted Phil Ginsburg, general manager for San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department.

“We’re working on it. At this point, that’s all we can say,” Sarah Ballard, director of Policy and Public Affairs for the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department, told the Mercury News. “It would be fitting.”

The Beatles performed their final scheduled concert at the stadium on Aug. 29, 1966. The concert was notable because McCartney is heard on a tape of the show saying how cold it was that August night. Candlestick Park was famous for its ice cold breezes even in mid-summer.

The idea for a possible McCartney concert was first reported by San Francisco Chronicle columnists Phil Matier and Andrew Ross in August. McCartney himself reportedly suggested the idea while in San Francisco to play the Outside Lands festival. The city’s mayor, Ed Lee, in support of the idea, the Chronicle said.

Beatles fan who lives in the area, Harold Montgomery, has also been working to get the city to not let Candlestick be torn down without some kind of memorial to the Beatles. The stadium is scheduled to be torn down in 2014. The San Francisco 49ers are playing their last season in the stadium this year and will move to a new stadium in Santa Clara next season.

In a previous interview with Beatles Examiner, Montgomery said, “I am working so hard on this project. I am doing it because I have a passion to save anything with a Beatles connection if possible. A lot is already gone. Candlestick Park played a valuable insert into the Beatles story. I love anything to do with the Beatles live!”

“I am still getting emails from fans everywhere,” he said this week. “This is good, good news.”

Beatles' Last Concert Candlestick Park S.F. CA

Beatles’ Last Concert
Candlestick Park S.F. CA

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