Paul McCartney fans who attended the June 23 show at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia, were lucky to get there before the show started, fans told Beatles Examiner Tuesday night. Gridlocked traffic was a huge problem before and after the show, said Patti Murawski. She was stuck in traffic before and after the show.

“Monumental failure on the part of Charlottesville and the UVA (University of Virginia) getting traffic in and out of the parking for this venue,” she texted us while still stuck in the post-concert mess. “Two hours to go two miles. Our hotel is eight minutes down the road. We missed the first two songs of the show. We spoke to a cop going in and he said this was the biggest event they ever had and he made a comment that indicated they were completely overwhelmed and not prepared. It is about a hour and a half after the show ended and we are stuck on the fifth level of one of the parking structures. Nothing has moved at all. A policeman said they hadn’t seen anything like these crowds for Paul.” Parking at the venue was also full and many arriving fans had to park elsewhere.”

The scene was a reminder of another show that had major traffic problems last August at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. At that show, many people never got into the show because of the traffic problems around the park and the lack of availability of parking because the parking lots filled early.

As far as the show went, Paul McCartney added a song he hadn’t played much recently, “One After 909,” replacing click here for rest of story