Dear Fellow Beatles Fans,

Just in case you missed the first announcement for the NY METRO FEST, here it is again, with some updates. Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase FEST tickets at the best prices offered. Tomorrow is the last day to purchase at these prices. If you are paying by Check or Money Order, your order must be postmarked by Monday, January 19, 2015.

As the cold weather is gripping most of the nation, reminding us this is Winter after all, we look forward to welcoming Spring on the opening day of our 41st Annual Salute to the Greatest Musical and Cultural Phenomenon Ever – THE BEATLES!!! Join us for THE FEST FOR BEATLES FANS 2015 – NY METRO – 3 Days of Total Beatlemania as we celebrate our common love for The Beatles with lots of Live Music, a Giant Marketplace, Photo and Art Exhibitions, Contests, and a Great Lineup of Special Guests from all different points in The Beatles careers. Join in the many Discussions with Guest Authors and Beatles Experts to further examine their history and how it all happened. Bring your Beatles Art to showcase in our Museum and Art Contest! There will be a Battle of the Bands, Sound-Alikes, Open Mics, and Sing-Alongs going on around the hotel throughout the weekend, so bring your instruments, your voices and your willingness to shine!

50 years ago, in 1965, Our Boys released the legendary HELP! movie and album. And now, 50 years later, the word rings truer than ever. Let this be the year to extend a HELP!ing hand or heart to those who need it. (Jude S. Kessler has some wonderful ideas in her recent FEST Blog.) We invite you to use our Facebook/Instagram community as a place to share what HELP! you need, and what HELP! you can offer. Be specific… you never know who’ll be reading! Beatles fans HELP!ing Beatles fans, can ya think of anything better? Yes! Rock Can Roll will be joining us to “Help Out While You Rock Out”. They are a wonderful organization that helps feed the hungry in the greater NY Metropolitan Area.

Speaking of which, HELP! us make this a FEST to remember by bringing your spirit and Beatles joy this March as we all return to our cozy, beloved Beatles haven in New Jersey. Tickets To Ride are now available! Forward this on to somebody who might need it, HELP! spread the Beatles magic!

Peace and love,

Mark, Carol, Michelle Joni and Jessica