The jacket Ringo Starr wore in the Beatles‘ 1965 film ‘Help!’ will be sold during the Marvels of Modern Music Auction to take place this week, a spokesman for Boston-based RR Auction told Beatles Examiner July 21. The auction house provided several different photos of the jacket which are featured in the slideshow on this page. The coat is among nearly 500 items to be featured in the music-heavy sale.

Ringo Starr wearing the jacket from "Help!" to be auctioned.

RR Auction – used by permission.

The auction house describes the jacket as a predominantly black wool and double-breasted suit coat with soft gray vertical line patterns. It also features a keystone layout of six black buttons with four more on the end of each cuff. A label from tailor D.A. Millings & Sons marked “Ringo” is sewn on inside the inner right pocket, and a costume notation in an unknown handwriting saying “Ringo No. 1” is on the upper lining of the right sleeve. This suit jacket is seen during the movie in scenes in which Ringo frets over trying to remove the ring on his finger that is at the center of the movie’s plot. The coat comes with a letter of authenticity.

Among other items to featured in the music themed auction are signed click here for the full story