McCartney Starts Tour With 3-hour Show

McCartney Starts Tour, One-on-One, in California

He’s a living musical icon, who once questioned if the age of 64 would mark him as an irrelevant old man.

But now nearly 10 years past that age at 73, Sir Paul McCartney has put those youthful worries to bed as he proved he can still strut his stuff on-stage for three hours in front of a crowd.

McCartney Tour Starts In Fresno

Taking to the stage at the Save Mart Centre in Fresno, California the former Beatles kicked-off his One On One Tour with a 38 song set that lasted for an epic three hours.

And while he had given his fans a tantalizing hint as to what they could expect when he announced the tour would offer ‘no shortage of surprises’, he still managed to wow the crowd thoroughly.

Opening the set with The Fab Four’s epic rock ‘n’ roll anthem, A Hard Day’s Night – the first ime he has performed the hit solo – the Liverpudlian legend also treated fans of his early work to Love Me Do.

And it seems there were plenty of those at the Save Mart Centre, as Beatlemania still seemed to be in full swing with fans wearing Beatles T-shirts and carrying handmade signs.

It seems that the length of the show did not go unnoticed, as The Mercury News declared Sir Paul ‘delivered a herculean — nay, Springsteenian — outing.’

With the reviewer, Jim Harrington, observing: ‘He never seemed to get tired, but rather seemed to grow stronger — more passionate about the music — as the night progressed.’

Perhaps one secret to his particularly energetic set would be his fitness regime, which see Sir Paull using a cross-trainer, running machine, weights and a Swiss ball, as well as doing some yoga.

He is also famously a staunch vegetarian, even fronting a campaign calling on people not to eat meat for one day a week, which he has credited for his robust health.

A regular at the gym when he’s off duty, Sir Paul won’t be found slacking in his regime on tour, as he is said to work out after breakfast, and cycles in the park of whatever city he is in before heading to the venue.

His current tour sees him trek across the United States, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Czech Republic and Denmark.

And with 30 dates having so far been announced, it is believed the Blackbird singer will announce even more dates later in the year.

Despite his advancing years, Sir Paul seems to take such a gruelling schedule in his stride. His last tour, which only wrapped up last October, saw him perform 91 shows in 19 countries to more than 2.7million fans.

However, in 2014, he was forced to cancel a string of gigs, including what would have been his first performance in South Korea, after being hospitalised by a mystery virus.

Even with the length of his latest performances – which see him play tracks from across his career, including the pre-Beatles tunes of The Quarrymen up to last year’s collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna – he refuses to drink water on stage, believing it looks unprofessional.

He once said: ‘I don’t know, I just wouldn’t want to drink water when I’m on. There is water but I think it’s the tradition that I’m from.’ Instead, he ritual is to inhale Olbas Oil or gargle salt water before heading out.

Story by JJ Nattrass for Mail Online and Sam Creighton for The Daily Mail 4/15/16

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