It’s an incredible experience to find yourself up on stage with Paul McCartney and two fans who recently did talked about it with Paul McCartney Examiner. One was Susan H. Smith, who had her Beatles moment at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia on June 23. She also joined a select group of fans who also came away with a permanent souvenir – an autograph on their arm that was made into a tattoo.“I’m trying to come up with suitable words to describe my ‘sharing the stage with Paul,’ but I fear you don’t have enough space for all the adjectives! Suffice it to say it was wonderful….and surreal,” she said.

Smith indicated this was something she’d hoped would happen for a long time. “I have carried my sign “Sign Me B4 My Wrinkles Take Over” for two to three years now,” she said. “Paul actually read it in Chicago last year but didn’t call me up. Then he read it again in Birmingham, UK, this year and I was shown on the big screen. He said I looked ‘pretty good’ but still didn’t call me up.

“Third time must be the charm because he read my sign, along with two others out loud. The rest is history! I will be forever grateful to Paul for allowing me to come on stage to sign me for my one and only tattoo. And the hug!! I never wanted wanted to let him go!”

Another fan who got to share the stage with Paul, this time in Columbia, South Carolina on June 25, was none other Rick “Fans on the Run” Glover, a veteran of attending 135 McCartney shows, who said “I can say it was pretty surreal! Getting the ‘point’ from his security man, Brian, seemed like driving into a long tunnel in the rain! Stepping up to the side platform beside John Hammel, and seeing all those guitars right there — then hearing Paul say ‘send him out’ was like going up a roller coaster, clack clack clack. Then woooosh!”

Glover said he is grateful that other people were there to record the moment. click here to read the rest of the story!