Paul McCartney’s Liverpool concert at the Echo Arena became especially memorable for an employee of the Beatles Story museum when her boyfriend proposed to on stage while she stood next to Paul McCartney, the museum announced May 30. The couple, Diane McEvoy and Fabrice Gueho, who it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone are are both huge Beatles fans, were invited to come up on stage by McCartney in front of a full house towards the end of the show.

Fabrice had held a sign throughout the May 28 concert saying, ‘All my loving I will give to her if you let me propose on stage tonight!’ The sign worked. Paul McCartney told someone to bring them to the side of the stage for the encore. Shortly thereafter, they found themselves standing on stage next to him. Both were overwhelmed, and Fabrice giggled uncontrollably as his girlfriend Diane looked on in sheer amazement. He managed to get the words out and ask for Diane’s hand in marriage. And she accepted.

McEvoy, 31, formerly from Versailles in France, had moved to Liverpool to follow her passion for (click here for full story!)