It’s always a sad time of year. Mixed in with the joy of the Christmas season, Beatle fans are always reminded of that fatal Monday night in early December, 1980. Now, all Beatles fans can listen to a very revealing two hour plus interview conducted by BBC Radio. Recorded approximately 48 hours before John met his untimely death John & Yoko sat down with reporter Andy Peebles for a rambling chat covering the old days with the Beatles, his solo career, friends, his life with Yoko and more! Let’s just say there are things they talk about that I never knew about. (He even mentions seeing the girls having out of the Dakota who actually had conversations with his killer). It’ll make you laugh and cry. Ironically, THAT December 6th was a Saturday. I’ll leave you with a comment from the YouTube page:

“My father FRANK NANIA had a barber shop at 66th street and Central Park West – in New York City – just blocks away from The DAKOTA Building where JOHN LENNON lived  – – John and Yoko would often walk by and wave through the window  – my dad would call out to him to come in for a haircut – John Lennon would just say next time or a funny answer – I am glad that my dad saw John Lennon a bunch of times – and so close too – FRANK NANIA – born Harlem , New York on  October 1 1922 – passed away on  February 20 2008 – – JOHN LENNON – born Liverpool , England on October 9 1940 – – passed away on December 8 1980 – –  2 OCTOBER born men that both sang and played guitar are in Heaven now – -“