In the press release for his latest album, “Postcards From Paradise,” Ringo Starr says, “If I am recording and you’re in town and drop by, you’re going to be on the record!” In an interview with Beatles Examiner, Bruce Sugar, the recording engineer for the album, acknowledged that is indeed the way it was.

“Every day could be different,” he said in a phone conversation. “There were different people coming over to contribute and be on the album. Whoever is around town, people just randomly stop by. A couple of times that’s happened. It’s not totally random, but it is depending on who’s in town and they want to come by, then we’ll set up a session.”

He said they began working on it in the last months of 2013 and completed it in 2014. “We finished the album in November before Thanksgiving,” he said. “It’s been an ongoing process. He had a few tours he went on, then he was going back-and-forth to England and we did a little work (there) on it. But it wasn’t like ‘Let’s start the album and work until it’s finished,’ so we took quite a few breaks in working on it.”

The process is simple, he said. “Everything starts with a kind of synth track, then Ringo plays his drums on it and it gives it the whole character. Once he puts his drums on it, it becomes real and just kind of cool. His drums are so iconic even on just a track with no song. It sounds really great,” he said.

One of Sugar’s contributions to the album was the sitar sound on “You Bring the Party Down.”   click here to read rest of story!