Those strange recent stories that claim to quote Ringo Starr saying Paul McCartney has been dead since the late ’60s don’t mean a thing because they are just another hoax like the whole “Paul Is Dead” idea was, Andru Reeve, author of the excellent book “Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Beatles and the ‘Paul Is Dead’ Hoax,” told Beatles Examiner March 4.“The whole story is a hoax. It’s a hoax of a hoax,” he said. “Ringo never said what has been attributed to him.” He said the whole story was concocted by a satirical website, which then attributed it to a fake site.

Reeve said, though, it’s amazing that people are talking about this again. “Is it not fascinating to still be talking about this, over 45 years after the initial rumor appeared in the media? Once again, the Beatlesare superlative — even in matters that have nothing to do with their music,” he said. “The amazing aspect of this rumor is its staying power. Name one other death rumor that has lasted as long and has been so popular in the cultural imagination. We are already on the third generation of fans who have become enthralled in this specious tale of untimely death.”

How much were the Beatles involved with the original rumor back in 1969?   Get the rest of the story by clicking here