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Why Ringo Preferred Playing John Lennon Songs Over Paul McCartney’s in His Beatles Days

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by Eric Schaal ShowBiz CheatSheet Jan. 15, 2020 While The Beatles had several peaks together collectively, the band members didn’t always see it that way. Take Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which is often called the greatest album of all time. Neither George Harrison nor Ringo Starr had a great time making that record. George [...]


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Eyewitness accounts finally reveal what really happened in the brawl between John Lennon and Chris Montez, which has become one of the great urban legends of rock & roll! It was March, 1963. Chris Montez’s rock & roll career had just reached its zenith, but was already on the slide. The Mexican-American singer who’d been promoted as the [...]

Molly Sims’ son Brooks dresses as a Beatle complete with Wig, Suit, Tie and Guitar as he heads to school on Halloween

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Neither mom nor son were alive during the Beatles musical reign which was from 1960 until 1970. But that didn't stop Molly Sim's son Brooks from dressing up as a member of the popular British based band for Halloween on Thursday. The child was seen with a black wig on a proper black suit as he carried a [...]

Why I love George Harrison and The Beatles, by Randy Bachman

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Lifelong fan Randy Bachman looks at the impact of The Beatles, and the the music of their quietly pivotal, influential youngest guitarist, George Harrison   The new issue of Classic Rock is on sale now, and celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' iconic Abbey Road album. It's available instore and online.  I heard The Beatles before anyone else in Winnipeg. I subscribed to Melody [...]

Thousands of Beatles fans descend on ‘Abbey Road’ to mark 50 years since the iconic photoshoot

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Will RichardsAug 8, 2019 1:14 pm BST Half a century and the famous crossing is still stopping traffic Today (August 8) marks 50 years since The Beatles‘ iconic ‘Abbey Road’ photoshoot. To mark the occasion, this morning thousands of fans descended on the famous studios and zebra crossing from the album’s cover to celebrate the landmark [...]

LOVE MEG DO Meghan Markle gave her son Archie the middle name Harrison ‘as a tribute to her favourite Beatle’, friends have claimed

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from The Sun (U.K. Edition) The Duchess of Sussex is believed to have harboured a soft spot for late guitarist George. We know you had your suspicions! Meghan, 37, and Prince Harry, 34, named their young royal Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, following his birth at a London hospital this week.Brit expat Edmund Fry, who taught the former [...]