Paul McCartney is the special guest on the latest “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” radio show, host Little Steven Van Zandt announced on Facebook Jan. 8. On the show in an interview with Van Zandt, McCartney talks about the single “Hope For the Future,” written for the video game “Destiny” in the full 40-minute interview included in the show.

Besides talking about the new song, there’s a very interesting part of the show when McCartney and Van Zandt discuss how experimentation was a part of the the Beatles, specifically in the recording of “Tomorrow Never Knows.” What’s especially great is having someone like Van Zandt who’s in the music industry himself discussing the process with Paul McCartney.

Sad news out of Liverpool: Ray McFall, who bought the Cavern Club in 1959 and was responsible for the club developing from booking jazz groups to rock ‘n’ roll, has died, the Liverpool Echo reported Jan. 8. The Echo reported that many groups, including the Yardbirds, the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Kinks performed at the club while he was the owner.

According to Bill Harry’s “The Beatles Encyclopedia,” the club shifted from jazz to rock in 1961.

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