How many times have all of us wanted to head out in the city but never knew where to go or with whom to go with? As common a phenomenon as it is, there is always a way out to sort everything, and this one is no different, courtesy the IamHere app. IamHere is the smart solution to new age problems in this world that is extremely driven by social media. Since Google is always our first resort every time we want to know about something, IamHere is the solution to every time you want to explore the city or plan your special events and occasions with the right kind of choice!

IamHere was launched in December 2017, and it is a Bangalore based hyperlocal social marketplace aimed at creating a social impact with the use of technology. With IamHere, you can do everything from getting connected to others, find new places, and many other things. Here are 5 reasons we think that IamHere deserves to be your best friend:

1. Personalize your avatar

With any application that you use online, a lot goes into making sure that you fill out all the details and mention all things possible on Earth. With IamHere, you can simply put in the basics and be good to go while you explore and find out more about everything that it stands for.

2. Network with small business

IamHere is not just about people and places, but it also stands for small businesses as well as NGOs. You can connect with them and indulge in conversation with them, try to get on board with them if it interests you, or simply know more about what is around and what is everyone doing.

3. Find places to go and things to do

The sheer reason this app was born is for making use of technology to create a social impact and rightly so. From art and culture spots to popular eateries and so many other things to do, you can always have a place to be at whenever you want and wherever or find out where you want to go to.

4. Get curated and fine-tuned information

Apart from you finding out what you want, the app also has suggestions to give out including giving out suggestions about what is in the spotlight. From finding out property to all the big parties, from certification courses and workshops to right about everything else to do, you can get a list of the best in the city.

5. Connect with people

Not just places and things, IamHere also allows you to explore people. You can find out like-minded people around you and maybe, event connect with them for the explorations that you wish to carry out. It is always a good thing to get to know more people, isn’t it?

While we can definitely continue this list and talk more about everything that the app has in store, for now, these 5 reasons could be just about enough to drive you to the app right now. So the next time you don’t know where to go on a holiday or on a free weekend, you do know where to start from!