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WIngs over London in the 70's

Spotlight: Paul McCartney (1978)

The late 70′s were a time of transition and growth for Paul, his family and the Wings band. The “London Town” album was recorded in studio sessions at Abbey Road, AIR London and aboard a yacht in the Virgin Islands!

The boat experience provided the ambience for song writing and the album’s early working title was “Water Wings.” Paul decided to work on an ode to his own High Park Farm in Scotland and its headland promontory, “The Mull Of Kintyre.” The tune became a world-wide hit and the UK’s most popular non-charity single.

McCartney’s drummer Joe English departed for America and Wings’ lead guitar Jimmy McCulloch left to join the Small Faces. Then Paul became a father to son James and later “With A Little Luck” hit #1 in the US.  Whew! Changes a plenty and the 1980′s were just two years away.

Q: Do you have a favorite song from this CD?




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