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I don’t know where you were when you were young. Better said, I don’t know if you were fortunate enough to have been “weened” in the 1960’s, but I was. And with that stroke of luck, I was able to be a witness to an incredible age for music in general, and in particular, to be treated to what was then and remains to this day as the greatest musical group of all time. Of course, I’m referring to The Beatles. Incredible decades later their music and overall style remains embedded in our minds and our culture. I remember the first time I heard their music. I was at a Christmas party in 1963. I was 11. A girl party-goer had a record by “a new group from England”. That song kick-started Beatlemania! It was “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and it was so great, they played it 12 times in a row! It was so good, no one bothered to flip the 45 over and play “I Saw Her Standing There”. Naturally, I made it my mission to find it. It took awhile because it was  seven weeks before they appeared on Ed Sullivan. But when I found it, the first thing I did was to play the flip side. I was just as mesmerized as I had been at the party just a few weeks before. I was hooked; there was no turning back.

As you may have guessed, The Beatles became a lifelong obsession. That eventually led to founding this Internet stream http://www.beatlesarama.com .

Back then we didn’t really SEE The Beatles, as much as we HEARD them! Can you imagine if they would have had the technology we have today? In fact, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have used Social Media to their advantages! In the Sixties, The Beatles pioneered music “videos” with their short films, which we as fans simply “ate up”! It was such a treat to see our heroes on our little black and white TV sets (for those of us who couldn’t afford color televisions. So after decades of just watching whatever happened to pop up on You Tube, Apple Records has a real treat in store for all of us-to be released to the world in early November! A re-issue (and again remastered) of the “1” set from the 1990’s. But this time, all the videos are included with the audio tracks! Can’t wait to get mine and I know you’re just as anxious. So, here’s just a taste of what we’re going to own! (Oh, and be sure to let them all play!)





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