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Beatlesarama.com is a 24-7 stream of Beatles tunes, John, Paul, George and Ringo solo songs, “British Invasion” and Beatles sound-alike material, covers of Beatles songs and much more.

Keep listening, it’s likely you’ll hear something new everyday!

Founded late in 2001 by Pat Matthews, the stream has now entered its second decade with an enthusiastic air staff and listeners all over the world.

Weekday Schedule (All Times Pacific)

12m-5am… R.W. Barnes
5am-9am… Matthews In The Morning
8am-9am… The Early Beatles @8am
9am-12n… Ray Whitaker
12n-2pm… Laurel
2pm-3pm… Gary Burbank
3pm-6pm… Beatle Bob Todd
6pm-9pm… Norm McBride
9pm-12m… Steve Warren

Heard throughout the day:

Gillian Lomax and The Beatles News
Scott Segelbaum’s Beatles Briefs
Louise Harrison’s Beatles Reflections

Record your Beatles memories: call 1-800-766-9893. Let the world know how much the Beatles mean to you!

Weekend Schedule (All Times Pacific)

Sat mid-6am… Alison
Saturday 6am… Gina “The Beatle Chick”
Saturday 8am….Helter Skelter Hour
Saturday 9am… Ken Michaels’ “Every Little Thing”
Saturday 10am.. Mike Solof’s “Off The Beatle Track”
Saturday 11am.. Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles
Saturday 1pm… Greg Cavanaugh, “The Wordsmith”
Saturday 6pm… The “Thel & Mike Show”
Saturday 7pm-1a.. R.W. Barnes “The Nowhere Man”

Sun 1am-8am…Michelle
Sunday 8am… Dan Augustine’s “Only A Cover Song”
Sunday 9am… Ray Whitaker’s “Just 4 Guys”
Sunday 10am.. Pat Matthews with Beatles-A-Rama!!! The Show!
Sunday 12n… Greg Cavanaugh, “The Wordsmith”
Sunday 3pm… Gina “The Beatle Chick”
Sunday 5pm… “Multi-Track Meltdown” with Anthony Robustelli
Sunday 6pm… The Beatles Show with Casey Piotrowski
Sun 7pm-mid.. Michelle

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