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Tinder is getting popular everyday plus it continues to be installed more than 50 million. The issue is like most of one other web sites Tinder also needs you to have a Facebook account. Sometimes it’d be wonderful to cut the line and remove Facebook from your own online lifetime, none far more than while using Tinder, the partnership software. Every once in some time it’d be good to create usage of Tinder login without Facebook associated with that account. Tinder don’t have its own signal inside the system so you have to login into Tinder using Facebook. But if you don’t need to link Facebook account then check this article on the best way to use Tinder login Without Facebook Consideration and Tinder Login On Computer without Facebook. The app is often used like a dating services application. There are various Tinder Solutions programs designed for Android and iOS. You can verify this post to learn more.

Why Tinder Should Not Be Linked With Facebook

Accessing Your Contacts: If you accidentally click ‘yes’ to ‘view your contacts’ then Tinder will proceed through all your connections in your friend list to find a prospective match for you. You certainly don’t want any software to undergo all of your connections, pages etc without telling you.

Automatic Syncing of Photos: Yet another reason why your Facebook account shouldn’t be linked with Tinder is automatic synchronization of photos. Whenever you link your Facebook account with Tinder, your public photos on Facebook get automatically synchronized with Tinder.

Online Privacy: All of your relationship histories is stored in Tinder which is connected to your Facebook account. So if your Tinder account gets hacked then all your dating data will be public since it is associated with your Facebook account, which you will never need to happen.

Given that you understand why you shouldn’t link your Facebook account with Tinder let’s get to the true issue is it possible to use tinder without Facebook?

Well, there is no formal means of applying TINDER WITHOUT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT still in 2017. As Tinder is made using Facebook’s API and even it’s the latest version doesn’t give you the operation to disable the link between your Facebook and Tinder account.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

Improve Facebook Privacy (Use Tinder Without Facebook):

Among the first and most important step, you can take will be to boost your Facebook privacy by changing Tinder Application priorities in your Facebook account. You may restrict Tinder’s usage of your Facebook account.

Use Tinder Without Facebook

  • Create New Email ID which can be used for Facebook Sign Up.
  • Go to Facebook.com > Enter all details
  • Once you have created a new Facebook account > open Tinder and log in as Facebook.



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