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Teacher Sheree Glover Vaughn of Rock Springs Elementary School in Kingsport, Tenn. gave her second-grade class an assignment, she told Beatles Examiner.

“I teach second grade. (The class) sort of evolved from demands of our Common Core curriculum which forces us to find more creative ways than a bland textbook. There is a huge emphasis on non-fiction sources. During this grading period, I am integrating time and measurement, changes and trends in pop culture, interpretation of poetry and other lyrical verse, expressing thoughts through writing, just to name a few standards,” she explained.

“With ‘decade’ being one of our math vocabulary words, it just hit me … five decades equals the Beatles. Ideas just began to flow on how easily I could incorporate so many of these domains while introducing another generation to the Fab Four, plus it engages each one of them and they think it is FUN!!!!”

She had the class put various Beatles songs in pictures. You can see some of them in the slideshow.

“I have a complete Beatles party planned for them, complete with green apples, Yellow Submarine cakes, Ringo Starbursts and John Lemon drop candies,” she said. “I love this collaborative approach of exploration rather than them just memorizing facts. I love my class and consider it an honor to teach them about this important part of history.”

She said that in a pre-lesson survey, only three of 18 students said they knew who the Beatles were, but more recognized the music when she played it. “The timing was perfect because their knowledge kept growing due to all the specials about the Beatles airing now. They would come each day with a new fun fact they had seen on tv the night before.”

Vaughn, sister of Beatlefan magazine’s Rick Glover (“Fans on the Run”), said there was one question she could not answer. “A little boy asked me, ‘Mrs.Vaughn. why would anybody want to kill John Lennon?’ I had no words. That’s when I told them to look for the answers in the music. Then they started coming to me with all these lyrics about love and peace! I was in tears!”

Once again proving all you need is love.

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see all the pics the kids drew by clicking here! –http://www.examiner.com/article/interview-teacher-lets-young-beatles-fans-picture-their-songs-cute-drawings

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