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A First Clue For Paul McCartney’s Upcoming Album?

https://www.facebook.com/PaulMcCartney/videos/10155755524278313/ Click that link to watch! and then read the “explanation” by Andre’ Homan Yesterday Paul McCartney published the video ‘Your Week Presented By Paul’ on Social Media. At first sight it just looks as a funny video about how...

/ August 22, 2017

Paul McCartney Plays Drums on What Will Ultimately Be the Best Foo Fighters Album

BY MATT MILLER AUG 2, 2017 Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins is a beast behind the kit. He often is the driving force of even the band’s more forgettable songs. While Dave Grohl is a charismatic frontman and performer, Hawkins gives...

/ August 3, 2017