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Beatles Hit Story (1966)

47 years ago this week, the Beatles breakthrough “folk-roc"Rubber Soul" 47 years later!k” album, “Rubber Soul” marked its 22nd week in the UK top 10 New Music Express chart. Recorded in just four weeks, it’s now ranked #5 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the top “500 Greatest Albums of all Time.”

Note: The stereo mix sent to the US from England has what are commonly called “false starts” at the beginning of “I’m Looking Through You,” which are on every American stereo copy of the album from 1965 to 1987. “The Word” also has different vocal tracks from the UK version.

The 14-track UK version is now the international standard configuration since 1987. The record’s title pun was coined by Paul and means an “English soul.”

Red photo by Aaron Kinney: sunshinewashere.com



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