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Spotlight: Paul McCartney

Two years ago, Beatle Paul released a video to accompany a song he wrote 20 years earlier: “Blue Sway.” Part of the McCartney II sessions, “Blue Sway” was not included on the album’s original release.

A music video for the tune was created by award-winning surf filmmaker Jack McCoy and McCartney. To call it “unique underwater footage” is an understatement! Using a high-powered underwater jet ski, McCoy travels behind the waves, creating images that have never been seen before.

Paul’s web site says the song won ‘Best Music Video’ at the NYC BE FILM Short Festival in 2011. The video is featured as part of a public service campaign for the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

The video and audio versions appear on the bonus discs of the special edition of McCartney II.

In 2011 the album was re-issued by Hear Music/Concord Music Group as part of the second set of releases, alongside McCartney, in the Paul McCartney Archive Collection. The production is featured on the bonus DVD included in the set.

The song is also now on the “Frances Ha” movie soundtrack from director Noah Baumbach.

YouTube “Blue Sway” video.



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