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Universal Music in Japan announced on the internetMarch 27 it will release a special 2014 Japan Tour Edition of Paul McCartney’s “NEW” album on May 7.

The two-disc set will contain a CD and DVD. The CD will feature the 15-track Japanese version of the disc with the Japan-only track “Struggle.” As was the case with the original release, the hidden track “Scared” isn’t listed.

The second disc will have roughly 80 minutes of extra content on a DVD. This will include a video of the Nov. 21, 2013, live video of the Tokyo Dome performances of “Save Us” and “Everybody Out There,” a documentary, “A Rendezvous With Paul McCartney,” with footage from the 2013 Out There! Tour (22 minutes), a lyric video for the album’s title song “NEW,” the official video for “Queenie Eye” and a documentary on the making of “NEW” (47 minutes).

While the deluxe version “NEW” was released in the U.S. and most countries with 14 tracks, Japan’s version had “Struggle,” a techno-dance song, added to the set. The Tokyo Dome performance just aired on Japanese TV last week. You can see the full concert in 13 different parts from YouTube on the Japanese Maccaclub page.

courtesy Steve Marinucci http://www.examiner.com/beatles-in-national/steve-marinucci



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