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Paul and Linda's "Ram" album.
Paul McCartney’s “Ram,” released to poor reviews in 1971, is now regarded as one of the best “indie” albums of the time. It’s also the only record credited to Paul and Linda McCartney.

The track, “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” became Macca’s first number one single since leaving the Beatles. “Another Day” b/w “Oh Woman Oh Why” was a single released two months before the album and hit the Top Five around the world. This single was included as a bonus in the album’s 1993 reissue.

“Ram” was McCartney’s second solo disc and debuted while the Beatles were dissolving. Reports circulated that John Lennon thought some of its songs were veiled references to Lennon and Yoko, such as “Too Many People.”

Lennon responded with “How Do You Sleep?” and “Crippled Inside” on his “Imagine” cd.

Collectors’ Note: “Ram” was pressed in mono (MAS 3375) with unique mixes different from the easy to find stereo version (SMAS 3375). The mono versions were shipped to radio stations and are among the most valuable and rare of Paul McCartney’s solo records.

“Ram” was remastered last year and includes eight extra bonus tracks.




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