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The lottery has sort of been a permanent fixture in the lives of people who cling on to the hope of a life-changing conclusion. Some of them also see this as an entertainment outlet that gives them the excitement of the unknown and the thrill of a favourable outcome. History suggests that the game has endured countless decades, centuries even, tracing its roots back to somewhere as early as 205 and 187 BC during the Han Dynasty’s expansion of the Great Wall. With its constant progression, the lottery involves more than just drawing lots, as it’s been frequently used as a way to raise funds for public works.

Just like the lottery, The Beatles have been an iconic figure in music and pop culture in general. During their prime, they were a commercially successful and critically acclaimed band thanks to timeless songs such as “Hey Jude”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, and “She Loves You”. These aforementioned hits are even considered as some of the group’s biggest Billboard chart toppers. And today, The Beatles are forever immortalized by the legions of fans around the world and with the help of various entities including the lottery.

One of the UK’s biggest lottery channels has been responsible for informing players of draws not just in the country, but practically the whole world as well. They also have a blog section where interesting tidbits about lottery and non-lottery related articles are posted. Lottery aggregator Lottoland, which helps educate users on daily lottery results, has a magazine page with a piece that enumerates the highest winners of said sweepstakes. In the article “Top 5 Lotto Winners in the UK”, the highest prize went to a Scottish couple from Largs, which ironically topped Beatles drummer Ringo Starr on the Sunday Times Rich List. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the lottery’s link with the band.

With significant help from the lottery, the National Museum and Galleries on Merseyside got their hands on historical artifacts showing the peak of Beatlemania. The project received contributions from the Heritage Lottery Fund, a group that improves the collection and the facilities of different historical institutions across the country. At the moment, the National Museums Liverpool features an array of Beatles-related materials from lunchboxes, jigsaw puzzles, and Russian nesting dolls, to the actual stage of the Quarrymen’s St. Peter’s Church Hall performance.

It’s fascinating how the lottery has a hand in the continuous preservation of a bona fide cultural icon. Indeed, this worldwide phenomenon not only benefits people economically, but also provides a helping hand when it comes to raising people’s consciousness about the greatness of The Beatles.

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