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John Lennon's "Walls And Bridges" cd

Spotlight: John Lennon (1974)

During the 18-month long “lost weekend,” Lennon wrote and produced “Walls And Bridges,” his fifth album. This was a time of personal change for John, who was living in Los Angeles with May Pang (and Yoko’s approval!)

During this time, Lennon and son Julian rebuilt bridges between them because they had not seen each other in four years.

Meanwhile, studio sessions with producer Phil Spector turned into alcohol-fueled recordings of useless chaos.

John took the reins as producer and worked smartly to create his own “sound” with his usual lineup of session musician friends, including Jim Keltner – drums; Nicky Hopkins – piano; Klaus Voormann – bass; Bobby Keys – tenor saxophone and Jesse Ed Davis – lead and acoustic guitar.

Vocal overdubs were done with an old stage mic, “it turned out to be a great vocal sound like on ‘#9 Dream,’” says engineer Jimmy Iovine. Elton John stopped by and added piano and vocals to “Whatever Gets You Through The Night.” This single became Lennon’s only #1 hit as a solo artist in his lifetime.

“Walls And Bridges” was a #1 commercial success, certified gold and the last album of original material until “Double Fantasy.” The second single, “#9 Dream,” peaked in the US at…number 9!

Where were you in 1974?




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