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Beatlesarama Listening Help

We continue to work on our revised WordPress site so you may more easily play the stream!

Here is a short list of tips to help you “tune in” our stream!

1) Browse over to facebook.com/beatlesarama and click the “Contact Us” on-air button below our cover image of the Fab Four. Make sure to open another Facebook tab or window to continue browsing while Beatlesarama plays!

2) Clear the cache of your current browser, and check if there’s an updated version.

3) Test your Flash player or Shockwave player to know if the latest update is installed.

4) Open Winamp, enter this URL to play:

5) Click on this Tunein link: http://tunein.com/radio/Beatles-A-Rama-s17202/

6) If you have iTunes, open it and select Advanced –> audio stream and type in then you’ll be rockin’ with Beatlesarama!




Posted by Goodhelp

Retired rocket scientist and part-time brain surgeon. Ok, I also took some time out (four years!) to serve in the US Navy as a journalist. Continued a radio career in Seattle and southern California. Streaming radio and assorted podcasting keeps me busy. What a strange trip it’s been and continues to be!