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Our 10 year birthday cake!

Rocking our second decade: Beatlesarama!

We play Beatles music and quite a lot more! Welcome to our newly-minted WordPress site. Feel free to explore and add any comments that you may be inspired to write. This is our new home and your invite to visit anytime.

Beatlesarama is the creation of Pat Matthews, a disc jockey originally from New Orleans radio many years ago. Matthews migrated west after AM and FM rock radio experience and now has a family in Orange County and teaches at a nearby community college.

Pat-MatthewsThe radio “itch” was in Pat’s DNA, and the “everything” Beatles music stream you’re hearing, first lit up the internet in mid-November of 2002. Since then it’s been subject to various music licensing requirements, web site revisions and bandwidth expenditures. As we begin the new year, it’s the second decade of the Beatles-themed, 24-7 stream.

Ten disc jockeys across the country have joined Matthews in this labor of love. They are complimented by a small number of freelancers who add frequent Fab Four flavored news updates and all things Beatles. Pat is the station’s founder and ringleader, plus being a full-time father of 6, community college instructor and someone who has maxed out his credit cards financing this online venture.

But most do not know of the private challenges now facing Pat, since the diagnosis. Prostate cancer and its treatment is now Pat’s primary concern. The ongoing stream of Beatlesarama’s programming also takes his time, but make no mistake.

It’s a life and death situation for both.

How goes the battle? “The cancer is not getting worse,” Pat says, “and that’s a great thing. However, paying the day-to-day bills for bandwidth, music licensing and server fees is a never-ending battle.”

More listeners find Beatlesarama.com all the time, but the expenses are a constant worry to Mr. Matthews, whose credit card is maxed out. What’s a Beatles fan to do? He could just turn off the music of a generation and cancel all the bills…or:

You could browse over to gofundme.com/1s7t8w and drop in $5 or $10 or whatever you can. You’ll help fight cancer and keep Beatlesarama rocking into its second decade!




Posted by Goodhelp

Retired rocket scientist and part-time brain surgeon. Ok, I also took some time out (four years!) to serve in the US Navy as a journalist. Continued a radio career in Seattle and southern California. Streaming radio and assorted podcasting keeps me busy. What a strange trip it’s been and continues to be!