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Astrid Kirchherr: The woman who gave The Beatles “Style”

When The Beatles arrived in Hamburg in 1960 to hone their craft in the bars and clubs of the city’s notorious St Pauli district they had the identikit hairstyles of any young band of the time.And that meant copious use...

/ December 4, 2014

Abbey Road accident could renew calls for guard at famed Beatles intersection by Steve Marinucci

A woman crossing Abbey Road near the historic crosswalk where the Beatles were photographed for their album cover was struck by a car on Nov. 7 and the incident was caught on video, according to a report on The Smoking Gun on Nov. 8. Local...

/ November 9, 2014

Teacher Lets Young Beatles Fans Picture Their Songs in Cute Drawings!

Teacher Sheree Glover Vaughn of Rock Springs Elementary School in Kingsport, Tenn. gave her second-grade class an assignment, she told Beatles Examiner. “I teach second grade. (The class) sort of evolved from demands of our Common Core curriculum which forces us to...

/ February 7, 2014

The Love You Give: 10 Life Lessons From the Beatles

By Jude Southerland Kessler / January 30, 2014 This week, in every magazine and newspaper, all over TV and the Internet, the patter is the same: “The Beatles are coming! The Beatles are coming!” Next weekend (February 7th to 9th) marks...

/ January 31, 2014