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Beatlesarama news covers every angle of what we do, who’s on the air and much more than the 237 original songs produced by the Beatles.

Ron Howard Directing Beatles Documentary on Touring Years (from Variety)

Dave McNary Film Reporter@Variety_DMcNary Ron Howard, a fan of the Beatles for most of his life, will direct and produce an authorized documentary on the group’s touring years between 1960 and 1966. Apple Corps, White Horse Pictures and Howard’s Imagine Entertainment will...

/ July 16, 2014

Lost Beatles Album to Be Released

Beatles fans are excited about the release Tuesday of “Studio One,” an entire album of previously unreleased Beatles material discovered in a box at Abbey Road Studios labeled “The Walrus is Ringo,” along with a caricature of Ringo Starr sporting...

/ March 31, 2014

Great Cartoonist Finds Beatlesarama!!!

Cartoonist Finds Beatlesarama, Fun Ensues Mike Young is a cartoonist, illustrator, and teacher located in New York City. A Fulbright Scholar and graduate of CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College, Mike has been involved in a number of original projects–including comic strips,...

/ February 18, 2014

The Love You Give: 10 Life Lessons From the Beatles

By Jude Southerland Kessler / January 30, 2014 This week, in every magazine and newspaper, all over TV and the Internet, the patter is the same: “The Beatles are coming! The Beatles are coming!” Next weekend (February 7th to 9th) marks...

/ January 31, 2014

“Only A Cover Song” Sunday Showcases Beatles cover songs Special Programs air mostly on the weekends. In the Sunday morning slot at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, it’s “Only A Cover Song” from the fertile mind of Dan Augustine. Augustine hails from Detroit, Michigan. During the hour program, Dan...

/ July 12, 2013
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Listener Help For Beatlesarama Stream

Beatlesarama Listening Help We continue to work on our revised WordPress site so you may more easily play the stream! Here is a short list of tips to help you “tune in” our stream! 1) Browse over to and...

/ April 20, 2013