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Beatlesarama keeps the blue meanies on the run

Beatles Record: 2.3 Billion Sold!

Beatles Hit Story When Top-40 AM radio ruled the airwaves, singles were programmed hypnotically around the clock. Most artists wanted a #1, but only a few could make it. Album tracks were played on stereo FM stations, ensuring the demise...

/ June 15, 2013
Boss radio hits LA in 1965!

1965: Beatles Hit Boss Angeles!

Beatles On-the-Air! Boss Angeles was sizzling in the summer of ’65. Much more than the time and temp arrived with the city’s new top-40 AM station, 93/KHJ! This was the hottest, new rockin’ station in Los Angeles with larger than...

/ May 30, 2013
Beatles and Roy Orbison, future Traveling Wilbury

Beatles Toured With Future Wilbury

Beatles Hit Story (1963) 50 years ago this month, the Beatles arranged a tour of the UK with one of their greatest idols, Roy Orbison. Originally, Roy was slated as the headliner. However, the Fab Four’s popularity was growing by...

/ May 24, 2013

British Press Beatles Special!

Beatles Related Press (2013) The editors of Britain’s Uncut music magazine have gathered the best special stories the original writers composed during the heyday of Beatlemania in the 60’s. This 148-page edition contains choice bits of trivia for every Beatles...

/ May 20, 2013
Beatles music history.

Today In Beatles Music Hit Story

Beatles Hit Story (BHS) “Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for May 10th, 1963.” “OK, Mr. Peabody, but what’s so special about that particular date?” “That, my dear boy, was when a song by the guitar-oriented pop band, the Beatles, “Please...

/ May 10, 2013