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Cover versions are recordings by music artists of one or more 237 songs written and originally recorded by the rock band the Beatles.

The Fab Four Surprise Concert Goers

Fab Four Surprise Fans The Fab Four surprise amazed concert goers at their recent show. The Fab Four are one of the premier Beatles tribute bands and the pride of Anaheim, California. The way they ended their recent show was unexpected....

/ December 2, 2014
Shawn Colvin sings a Beatles song you'll never forget

Shawn Colvin sings “I’ll Be Back”

Beatles Cover Songs (BCS)   Shawn Colvin’s version of “I’ll Be Back” puts a whole new spin on this quiet, “howl from the soul” of a Beatles song. Producer George Martin included it as the last tune on the “Hard...

/ June 29, 2013