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Paul McCartney and Rusty Anderson, a guitarist from California.

Paul McCartney gets by with a little help from his band

By Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press Pop Music Critic For longtime fans, Paul McCartney won’t be the only familiar face onstage at Joe Louis Arena this Wednesday. Sir Paul’s Joe Louis show will be his fifth Detroit visit with his...

/ October 19, 2015
Can't be done again: Paul

We knew we were different’: Paul McCartney claims ‘no modern day band will recreate the same success as The Beatles’ in new interview about his bandmates

Reprinted from The Daily Mail It has been over 50 years since Beatlemania took over the world, going on to produce hits like Eleanor Rigby, Love Me Do and Yellow Submarine. Speaking in a new interview with Esquire Magazine, Paul McCartney...

/ July 2, 2015
McCartney meets fans onstage

McCartney fans reveal what it’s like meeting a Beatle on stage ….by Steve Marinucci

It’s an incredible experience to find yourself up on stage with Paul McCartney and two fans who recently did talked about it with Paul McCartney Examiner. One was Susan H. Smith, who had her Beatles moment at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia on...

/ July 2, 2015
Paul McCartney on stage with long-nek bass

Paul McCartney fans encounter traffic nightmare for Charlottesville show…by Steve Marinucci

Paul McCartney fans who attended the June 23 show at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia, were lucky to get there before the show started, fans told Beatles Examiner Tuesday night. Gridlocked traffic was a huge problem before and after the show, said Patti...

/ June 24, 2015
On stage with Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney dedicates song in memory of Charleston at Firefly festival

Paul McCartney’s set at the Firefly Music Festival June 19 in Delaware was different from his usual shows for several reasons. For one, it was shorter and missing several songs including “Yesterday.” He also opened with “Birthday.” Paul McCartney at the Firefly Music...

/ June 20, 2015
Paul McCartney comments on news

Paul McCartney on ‘Beatles 1,’ Losing Linda and Being in New York on September 11th from Rolling Stone

from Rolling Stone Archives Issue 883 December 6, 2001 As Paul McCartney strolls along Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue on a spectacular fall day, he leaves a trail of stunned people in his wake. Some just stop dead in their tracks and stare slack-jawed...

/ June 2, 2015