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John Lennon listening to the cobble stoned

Drawing said to be Lennon sketch of UFO is a fake, says May Pang…by Steve Marinucci

A drawing of a UFO that has been reported to have been made by John Lennon is a complete fake, according to May Pang, who was romantically involved with Lennon during his “Lost Weekend.” She told Beatles Examiner in an email June...

/ June 22, 2015

Quarrymen return to site of Lennon-McCartney meeting for concert

On Friday, May 29, The Quarrymen, the group John Lennon was a member of when he met Paul McCartney, returned to St Peter’s Church in Woolton, the site of the historic meeting, for a celebration concert, according to Donna Jackson, Beatles Examiner Liverpool correspondent on May...

/ May 31, 2015

Cynthia Lennon: Shine On by Jude Southerland Kessler

Cynthia Lennon: Shine On By Jude Southerland Kessler At the New York Metro Fest for Beatles Fans two weeks ago, I delivered a talk called  “Cynthia Lennon: the Real Fifth Beatle.” And with all my heart, I believe she was just...

/ April 1, 2015

John Lennon’s ‘Paperback Writer’ Guitar Sells for $530K to Colts Owner….by Jason Newman/Rolling Stone

Last November, John Lennon‘s Gretsch guitar, the instrument the rock legend used to record the Beatles‘ 1966 classic “Paperback Writer,” hit the auction block, with TracksAuction, the company selling the instrument, calling it “the most significant of John’s guitars to come onto the market in the...

/ March 9, 2015

John Lennon’s Final Interview

It’s always a sad time of year. Mixed in with the joy of the Christmas season, Beatle fans are always reminded of that fatal Monday night in early December, 1980. Now, all Beatles fans can listen to a very revealing...

/ December 6, 2014

Happy Birthday John!!! The wisdom of John Lennon: Five moments of the Beatle speaking his mind

by Steve Marinucci If there was one thing John Lennon, who was born on Oct. 9, 1940, was known for throughout his life, it was his extreme honesty. Even as far back as the early days, in the Beatlemania era...

/ October 9, 2014