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George Harrison box set ‘The Apple Years’ to be released this month

 by Steve Marinucci   This project was overseen by George’s son, Dhani Harrison: “I am so happy that what we started a decade ago by releasing “The Dark Horse Years” is now complete with the release of his first six...

/ September 2, 2014
George Harrison's reason for writing "Wah Wah."

Why George Harrison Wrote “Wah Wah”

Spotlight: George Harrison (1969) “Wah Wah.” In the last years of the Beatles, George was feeling the loss of attention from his “big brother,” John. At this time Yoko claimed most of Lennon’s time and interest. Paul was said to...

/ June 20, 2013
"Something"best of Beatles' Abbey Road?

“Something:” Best Of Abbey Road

Spotlight: George Harrison (1969) The “Quiet Beatle” always wanted more of his songs on Beatle albums. It took some time before he had the song writing experience needed. In an interview, John Lennon said Harrison “just hadn’t had the practice...

/ June 4, 2013
George Harrison's inspiration

“For You Blue” Inspired by Patti Boyd?

Spotlight: George Harrison (1970) The “B” side to “The Long And Winding Road” was George’s “For You Blue.” It’s fair to say this tune may well have been inspired by the blue eyed Patti Boyd, George’s eventual wife (and later...

/ May 26, 2013
George Harrison and his last cd.

George Harrison’s 11th: “Brainwashed”

Spotlight: George Harrison (2002) The “Quiet Beatle’s” final album, “Brainwashed,” was his 11th, written and recorded between 1988 and 2002. George was battling cancer and sharing ideas with son Dhani and long-time friend and producer, Jeff Lynne, about the songs...

/ May 7, 2013

George Harrison: Living In The Material World

  George Harrison. In many ways, George’s first two post-Beatles studio albums were amazing and awe-inspiring: “All Things Must Pass” and the charity “Concert For Bangladesh.” These overshadowed the third studio effort, “Living In The Material World,” yet it was...

/ January 19, 2013