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The Drift (with Ray Whitaker)

Here Comes The Summer…and the Tourists “I believe time wounds all heels” (John Lennon) If you are one who has ever visited a resort area, you’re probably not aware – or care – that those regions are populated by people...

/ May 24, 2014

Ray Whitaker & The Wheel Thing

“The Atman Cometh” “The farther one travels, The less one knows…” (George Harrison) In Buddhism, it’s referred to as “The Self.” In Hinduism, it’s known as the “Inner Self” or “Soul” The “It” I’m referring to is Atman – in...

/ May 16, 2014

The U.S. Capitol Albums are now on sale!!!

The waiting is now over! To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Coming to America, Capitol Records have re-tooled and re-issued all 13 of their versions of The Beatles music. You could have a chance at winning a set...

/ January 21, 2014

Big Plans for 2014!!!

As all Beatles fans know, 2014 is a momentous year in the history of the Fabs…and Beatles-A-Rama!!! is going to do our part in the 50th Anniversary celebration! We’re launching a new Beatles’ store with the help of T-Shirt Express...

/ January 2, 2014

The 50th Anniversary Is Here!!!

WASHINGTON – Exactly 50 years ago, if you turned on the radio in Washington, D.C.–or anywhere in the country–chances were good the song blaring from the speaker was the tune responsible for launching Beatlemania in the United States. “I Want...

/ January 2, 2014
1967, the year of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

Beatles Music High Point: 1967

Beatles Hit Story (BHS) 1967 The Beatles string of #1 hits continue, the Green Bay Packers win the first Superbowl Championship, UCLA becomes the NCAA basketball champs, screen goddesses Raquel Welch, Diana Rigg and Jane Fonda make hearts throb…and the...

/ July 15, 2013