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Beatles and Roy Orbison, future Traveling Wilbury

Beatles Hit Story (1963)

50 years ago this month, the Beatles arranged a tour of the UK with one of their greatest idols, Roy Orbison.

Originally, Roy was slated as the headliner. However, the Fab Four’s popularity was growing by leaps and bounds and by the time they finally began the tour shared top billing.

Roy put on a great show and had the audience under his spell. The lads did not like trying to follow this display of showmanship.

Ringo said: “(Roy would) slay them and they’d scream for more.”

On the bus, Orbison would write “Pretty Woman” and Paul sketched out “All My Loving.” The musical competition/inspiration was friendly and long lasting. 25 years later, Beatle George and Orbison would join the Traveling Wilburys.

Details: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2013/05/22/the_beatles_tour_with_roy_orbison_even_the_beatles_struggled_to_follow_roy.html




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