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93/KHJ, the original "Boss Radio"

Beatles On-the-Air!

Boss Angeles was sizzling in the summer of ’65. Much more than the time and temp arrived with the city’s new top-40 AM station, 93/KHJ!

This was the hottest, new rockin’ station in Los Angeles with larger than life air personalities, non-stop contests and the music! Pop music was changed forever by the British Invasion of great artists and singles from England.

Though the Beatles had been attacking the Billboard magazine music charts for more than a year, the song “Help” was first listed on “Boss Radio‘s” Boss 30 as a “hitbound” for July 28, 1965, three weeks after the station introduced its new rock n roll format.

The single peaked on the survey at #3, while KHJ rewrote radio and became the model for many other “Boss” stations across the country. (It’s helpful to remember these songs were totally new at the time.) What new songs and artists of today will you remember 50 years from now?

Boss 30 chart details: http://93khj.blogspot.com/2008/04/khj-boss-30-july-28-1965.h




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